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Turn Your Patio into a Beautiful Home Improvement with Inexpensive,
Decorative, Durable, Concrete Overlays from New Life Concrete

Imagine coming home after working a long day and just wanting to relax, to enjoy a few minutes of peace before the kids come home from school. It's a beautiful sunny day with light fluffy clouds in the sky. So you pour yourself a cool drink and go to the one room in the house where you can find solace.

This room is your patio; however it is no ordinary patio. Your patio has become your place to get away from it all. It has become your favorite room because of the smooth travertine tile concrete overlay beautifully. Of course you added some relaxing outdoor furniture and decorations but the colorful decorative concrete finish is what your neighbors comment on most frequently, and unlike raw and abrasive finished concrete surfaces a decorative concrete solution from New Life Concrete enables you to walk barefoot and feel the comfort and warmth of a smooth finished surface.